Bug 8072 - Lost Label: line in repository Release files
: Lost Label: line in repository Release files
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Assigned To: Niels Breet
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Reported: 2010-01-15 20:19 UTC by Nikita Youshchenko
Modified: 2010-01-15 21:56 UTC (History)
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Description Nikita Youshchenko (reporter) 2010-01-15 20:19:02 UTC

Before today, Maemo Extras, Maemo Extras-Testing, and Maemo Extras-Devel
repositories used to have different strings in Label: field of Release files.
That made it possible to distinguish repositories using apt pinning in

For example, I used following /etc/apt/preferences file:

Package: *
Pin: release l=Extras
Pin-Priority: 640

Package: *
Pin: release l=Extras-testing
Pin-Priority: 620

Package: *
Pin: release l=Extras-devel
Pin-Priority: 600

So extras-testing had lower priority than extras, and extras-devel had lower
priority than extras-testing. This waty I avoided unwanted upgrades to unstable
versions of software, while still allowing manual installation from -testing
and -devel repository.

Not that this is fairy standard setting in Debian, and it was great that it
worked for maemo as well.

But since today, Label: line in Release files disappeared. Even worse, all
lines in Release files from 3 repositrories look the same!

Please restore it, or provide another way to distinguish between repositories.
Comment 1 Niels Breet maemo.org 2010-01-15 21:56:21 UTC
Good catch!

We are using a different way of signing the repository and that script was
missing the label part. I've added the label now.

It will take some time for all repositories to update, but then it will be