Bug 5426 - (int-124722) geography tag cloud doesn't show scrollbar for subsequent loads
: geography tag cloud doesn't show scrollbar for subsequent loads
Product: Images and Camera
Image viewer
: 5.0/(1.2009.41-10)
: N900 All
: Medium normal with 2 votes (vote)
: ---
Assigned To: unassigned
: image-viewer-bugs
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Reported: 2009-10-14 02:20 UTC by timeless
Modified: 2009-10-23 18:04 UTC (History)
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Description timeless (reporter) 2009-10-14 02:20:41 UTC

1. get a sim w/ low cost data roaming for europe
2. arrange for a 3 week vacation through eastern europe (Ukraine [Uman, Kiev],
Poland [Krakow, Warsaw], Slovakia [Bratislava], Czech Republic [Brno, Praga,
Plsen], + Amsterdam + Finland
3. enable data roaming
4. enable geotagging
5. take the vacation and take lots of photos at each of those places

1. open Image Viewer ("Photos")
2. tap an image
3. tap the center of the image
4. tap the marker / price tag icon ("tagging")
5. tap Geotags (or whatever the button at the bottom of the screen is)
6. tap outside the dialog
7. pay close attention to the result of the next step
8. tap Geotags again
9. repeat steps 6-9

each time Geotags is tapped a scroll indicator should be visible for whatever
the system standard timeout is.

after step 8, there is no scroll indicator at all, even though there was one
after step 5

always, but only if you have enough geotags

I have:

                    Edit Geotags - Finland
Country       Czech Republic   Finland
              France   Netherlands   Poland
              Slovakia   U.K.   Ukraine   U.S. [  New  ]
City          Amsterdam   Bratislava           [ Clear ]
              Čierny Balog   Helsinki   Krakóv [ Done  ]
              London   New york   Paris
              Plzeň   Praha   Szadek
              Terezín   Vinaře   Warszawa
              Weesp   Київ   Київська
              Умань   черкаська
Neighborhood  Praha 1

Installed Software: Alpha Non released localization ("Neighborhood" is probably
"District" in standard Nokia English- It seems that it is not used very often.
I tried very hard to at least get a Praha 2, but I failed. The fact that Paris
is a pre included tag but that there's no corresponding district for it in the
data is fairly suspicious).

Note: You can *not* cheat by trying to use "New" to add tags, those do not
persist. If someone knows how to get my tag database, and wants a copy, that
might be possible to arrange. Note that "New york" is reproduced precisely as
it is miswritten on the device. Note that "Krakóv" is reproduced approximately
as shown by the device, but that is the subject of another bug.

This specific bug caused a lot of confusion for other people looking at my
Image Viewer, they thought the software was broken/different because they
couldn't see "District" (and there was no indication that it could scroll).
Comment 1 Andre Klapper maemo.org 2009-10-16 04:04:47 UTC
Comment 2 Alexander Bokovoy 2009-10-17 08:06:24 UTC
Josh, so you want to have flashing of scrollbar every time the tagging widget
becomes visible?
Comment 3 timeless (reporter) 2009-10-17 19:18:47 UTC
if there's overflow? yes :)
Comment 4 Alexander Bokovoy 2009-10-17 23:19:36 UTC
Good. I've commented on this internally, we'll see what could be done on
Comment 5 Andre Klapper maemo.org 2009-10-23 14:41:23 UTC
This is a WONTFIX...
Comment 6 timeless (reporter) 2009-10-23 15:35:48 UTC
please tell the Images to destroy the dialog on dismiss and build it again.

The fact that the framework doesn't want to let people get a good user
experience doesn't mean that the images team can't do the right thing (namely,
not cache the dialog).
Comment 7 Andre Klapper maemo.org 2009-10-23 16:20:09 UTC
"And what particularly good cause does this kind of approach serve, when there
would be couple of random dialog behaving in one way and the rest in another
Very big part of UX is getting the platform experience right and consistent."

Feel free to comment internally.
Comment 8 timeless (reporter) 2009-10-23 16:30:44 UTC
they can't even make the app itself consistent.

what matters to the public is what is written here. If someone wants to defend
their behavior, let them come out from behind the curtain.

The behavior is wrong and confusing and inconsistent with the app which the
user is using.

That they happen to have other apps which suffer from this behavior is
unfortunate, however, they're wrong about the other application.
Comment 9 Alberto Garcia Gonzalez 2009-10-23 18:04:11 UTC
(In reply to comment #6)
> the framework doesn't want to let people get a good user experience

That's a very respectable opinion, but since we are not the ones who
write the specs we can't change the look and feel of the toolkit just
because you (or we, for that matter) think it's more correct.