Bug 4050 - random comments about make/mnotes_framework
: random comments about make/mnotes_framework
Status: NEW
Product: mNotes
: unspecified
: All Maemo
: Low normal (vote)
: ---
Assigned To: Benoît HERVIER
: Benoît HERVIER
: http://mxr.maemo.org/garage/source/mn...
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Reported: 2009-01-27 13:04 UTC by timeless
Modified: 2014-03-08 10:27 UTC (History)
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Description timeless (reporter) 2009-01-27 13:04:53 UTC
>    p.description="mNotes is a small note taking application specially designed
for maemo internet tablet. You can use it without stylus."

(the line is too long)

1. You need an article (a) before stylus.

2. note that mNotes won't work well w/ Mer
because it assumes /home/user. which I believe Mer wants to get away from
you should get the user's home directory some other way

3. your db update code is cute
but there's a problem
if i have ver 1.0
use it
update to 3.1
use it
downgrade to 2.7
try to use it
          if version != FRAMEWORK_VERSION:
            self.cursor.execute('UPDATE db_struct set

you've now marked it as a 2.7 db
when i later upgrade to 3.1
it'll try to alter the table again

Also note that you have the same sort of code in mnotes_framework as make, this
probably indicates you should have a module :)

4. erp
      self.gd_client.additional_headers['User-Agent'] = 'Nokian95'