Bug 2034 - Only specific users should be allowed to close bugs
: Only specific users should be allowed to close bugs
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: Ferenc Szekely
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Reported: 2007-09-20 20:32 UTC by Jason Carter
Modified: 2007-11-28 12:50 UTC (History)
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Description Jason Carter (reporter) 2007-09-20 20:32:59 UTC
EXPECTED OUTCOME: Bugs should be checked and tested by Nokia engineers, QA and
end users. All users should leave comments with their experiences and questions
on the bug. Nokia employee resolves and/or closes the bug once a resolution is

ACTUAL OUTCOME: Some end users are closing bugs immediately as soon as they
aren't able to reproduce them, possibly closing them before anyone offical has
seen it and attempted to reproduce the bug themselves. This causes the possible
problem where the end user doesn't attempt reproduce the bug properly (say they
make a mistake, such as incorrect firmware installed, etc...) and then closes a
bug prematurely. Bug gets missed by management, possibly goes unfixed in the
next major update.


OTHER COMMENTS: While I believe that input from end users is highly important
for Maemo (myself being one), I believe it's more important that the proper
steps be taken by Nokia management before a bug is closed by a (well-meaning,
but misinformed) user... therefore users shouldn't be able to change the
resolution of a bug that's been filed.
Comment 1 Quim Gil nokia 2007-09-21 07:31:23 UTC
Comment 2 Jake Kunnari 2007-09-27 11:36:00 UTC
Normal bugzilla user cannot close other users bugs. In your example bug report
#2002, user who has change the status, has more user rights than normal user.
Comment 3 timeless 2007-10-18 03:09:14 UTC
For reference, I gave kevin editbugs (so this is my fault). I also asked him to
substitute for me while I was on vacation last month. I should have given him
more specific instructions, and hopefully over time his actions will improve.

You can see kevin listed in http://browser.garage.maemo.org/news/5/ he's not
just a random person, I did try to at least introduce him before he started
poking too many bugs.

Note: from a maemo.org perspective, it doesn't matter what kevin happens to do
internally or how well he does it. What matters is that over time he become a
good, communicative, and respected triager of browser bugs reported in
bugs.maemo.org. This will take time. -- I've been working in bugzillas for
around 8 years, most of the engineers I'm dealing with haven't been out of
college that long (that includes me, I was in college when I started working
with Bugzilla).
Comment 4 Jason Carter (reporter) 2007-10-18 03:18:48 UTC
I didn't mean to say anything bad about Kevin or what he did (and if he feels
that way, I apologize). I just hadn't seen his name anywhere else before and
his e-mail address was a Hotmail account, so I had assumed that someone made a
mistake and set editbugs on the wrong person and a person outside of Nokia at

My mistake, but thanks for letting me know.
Comment 5 Jake Kunnari 2007-11-28 12:50:41 UTC
Closing. Bug has been marked as INVALID. If problem/bug still exists, please
reopen it with proper comments.