Bug 1706 - (int-64150) fr-FR and es_ES undefined entity proxyResolveFailure.longDesc / Invalid syntax error when connection is lost
: fr-FR and es_ES undefined entity proxyResolveFailure.longDesc / Invalid synta...
Product: Browser
MicroB engine
: 3.2
: All Maemo
: Low blocker (vote)
: 4.0
Assigned To: Oleg Romashin
: microb-bugs
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Reported: 2007-07-21 17:12 UTC by Frederic Crozat
Modified: 2007-11-28 13:10 UTC (History)
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Description Frederic Crozat (reporter) 2007-07-21 17:12:24 UTC
When wifi connection goes down sometimes, browser displays the following error

Malformed xml:
Location :
Numéro de ligne 147, Colonne 42 :        <div
Comment 1 Frederic Crozat (reporter) 2007-07-21 17:21:06 UTC
Locale used on n800 is french
Comment 2 timeless 2007-07-22 03:19:17 UTC
eww, can you change your locale to en-US and en-GB and determine if it happens
there? I'll research this Monday.
Comment 3 Frederic Crozat (reporter) 2007-07-23 18:44:33 UTC
I found an easier way to reproduce the problem :

ensure DNS resolution is always failing on your wifi access point (for
instance, unplug ethernet connection on it and disable DNS cache if present)
and try to access any website. Once DNS lookup fails, you'll get the error.

I've tested with en_US and en_UK and error isn't present but I'm also seeing it
with es_ES, so I think the problem is in the various translation ressources
(good luck with that ;) or that they aren't packaged correctly. 

You should check all translations shipped with n800 (but I probably don't need
to tell you that :)
Comment 4 timeless 2007-07-23 20:32:03 UTC
yeah, thanks for testing an extra. I'm assuming you were using fr-FR and not
fr-CA. Yes, I will make sure to test them all. Thankfully it's not too hard to
test them, unfortunately we clearly didn't. This beta didn't have a
localization testing phase (as you can see).
Comment 5 timeless 2007-07-24 15:33:00 UTC
thanks. finally tracked this down, the problem is in


<!ENTITY proxyResolveFailure.longDesc "<p>Serveur proxy
introuvable.</p><ul><li>Vérifiez les paramètres et réessayez.</li><li>Vérifiez
que la connexion réseau est activée.<</li><li>Consultez l'administrateur réseau
ou le fournisseur d'accès Internet si le problème persiste.</li></ul>">

Note the doubled <<. It's actually bad in en-GB and en-US too, but we're not
using the correct set for those languages so English speakers get working
strings from mozilla.org :o.
Comment 6 timeless 2007-08-01 08:40:16 UTC
walked over to the localizers yesterday and politely requested that they
address it now :).
Comment 7 Oleg Romashin nokia 2007-08-07 18:04:50 UTC
temporary workaround (an updated localization package is scheduled for next
week, but we're releasing sooner...)

Comment 8 Oleg Romashin nokia 2007-08-07 18:05:02 UTC
Comment 9 Frederic Crozat (reporter) 2007-08-08 13:09:35 UTC
confirmed as fixed with latest update.

Comment 10 timeless 2007-10-27 20:44:40 UTC
for reference, we got replacement bad localizations for 4.0, so while this
specific bug is fixed, people are expected to have dozens of complaints about
what's actually in 4.0 (please don't reopen this bug, just find newer bugs or
file them if you can't -- I'll try to file most of them first).
Comment 11 Jake Kunnari 2007-11-28 13:10:13 UTC
Closing. Resolution has been verified.