Bug 4877

Summary: Request clarification of license for API documentation published
Product: [Websites] maemo.org Website Reporter: Carsten Munk <carsten.munk>
Component: GeneralAssignee: Jarmo Tikka <jarmo.tikka>
Status: NEW QA Contact: sdk-tools-bugs
Severity: normal    
Priority: Low CC: andre_klapper, dneary, quim.gil, soumya.3.bijjal
Version: 5.0   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   

Description Carsten Munk (reporter) maemo.org 2009-08-04 22:12:31 UTC
The page http://maemo.org/development/sdks/maemo_5_api_documentation/ states in
the bottom All content CC (CC BY-SA 3.0). 

Requesting clarification if API documentation is provided under this license
unless explicitly indicated - means a lot if we're going to use or provide
similar ones.
Comment 1 Carsten Munk (reporter) maemo.org 2009-08-04 22:30:03 UTC
And to be more specific: is the API documentation provided on maemo.org for
libtime, liblocation, libcityinfo under CC BY-SA 3.0.
Comment 2 Andre Klapper maemo.org 2009-08-05 11:29:48 UTC
For a similar ticket see bug 4396. CC'ing Soumya as she worked on that one.
Comment 3 Jarmo Tikka nokia 2009-12-28 16:21:03 UTC
This seems to be a true bug in maemo.org site. I changed product to maemo.org
web site and I will forward this to Tero Kojo.

You can find Maemo licensing statement from the Terms of Usage / Chapter
5.APPLICABLE LICENSES (here: http://maemo.org/legal/terms_of_use/) that says 
"The software made available on this Site is for your convenience and subject
to the open source/free software licenses of their respective licensors as
indicated in the respective source code files. No other licenses are granted or
implied through the making available by Nokia."

E.g. Maemo does not state that we change license to CC for all 3rd party
components :).

For documentation produced by Nokia/Maemo itself the default license is GNU
Free Documentation License, version 1.2. and not CC BY-SA 3.0. Only Maemo
Training material has been licensed with Creative Commons license.

I think we should fix that footer in maemo.org pages to reference to GNU Free
Documentation License, version 1.2 which is the default documentation license
for Maemo.
Comment 4 Jarmo Tikka nokia 2009-12-29 11:57:24 UTC
Just one more addition as I just found that old maemo.org licensing page. Here
we state that maemo.org default documentation license is that GNU FDL v1.2
Comment 5 Dave Neary maemo.org 2010-05-17 12:49:35 UTC
For information, I have requested that Maemo documentation be relicenced to a
licence compatible with that chosen for MeeGo:

I did a comparison of GFDL and CC BY-SA for technical documentation in this
context: http://wiki.meego.com/Documentation_license_comparison

I also spoke to Ronan MacLafferty about the issue, and he did a quick
round-trip which suggested that Nokia have no issues relicencing any
documentation for which they own all rights (if there are any 3rd party
contributions, we would have to collect a list of people & ask for permission
to relicence).

Since it is obviously a useful goal to be able to reuse relevant parts of Maemo
documentation for MeeGo, the solution to this bug will undoubtedly be the
relicencing of Maemo documentation.